100nU (100 mins of Nav Urja)

100nU is a complete program of 100 minutes which is specifically designed sessions for individual, group ,education and corporate sector to curb the day to day work pressure and increase the efficient work capacity. This special course can be organized at any day and any point of time for the overall growth of well being.


DAYS(Divya Aanand Yog Sadhna)

This course is provided to you for a complete fitness of body, mind and soul. This course will teach you how to boost up your inner stamina through yoga, exercise, different forms of meditation and pranayamas and how to use it in day to day routine to increase your efficiency. This course will definitely bring the many benefits like stress reduction, increased productivity, and better overall health and wellness.
Course :7 days Duration:1:30 hrs per day



Art Of Self Discovery : 

This course is designed to help you to discover the strategy of life . This will teach you to live your life in every situation and circumstance with a smile on your face and calmness in your mind. This course helps you to make strong relationships and social connectivity than ever before. These 14 days will bring a revolution in your life. The specialty of this course is “Mrityunjya Kriya”.

(14days course)(2hrs)



Women Power Plus: 

This class is specifically designed for women to know their hidden energy. In their daily routine, they become careless about their health, fitness and happiness. For their self-consciousness and self confidence, this course is provided exclusively for them for their fitness and mental health.

Regular classes for WOMEN Duration 1:30hrs


Fusion 5 ( 5 day residential course):

This course will lead you to the path of divinity and self-realization. In these 5 days, you will really experience a vibrant change in you. This course will develop a great combination of your spiritual and social life .This experience is the next stage in the evolution of an ordinary human being. This course takes you to the heights of superiority by developing perfection in all areas of your life. This being a residential course, food and accommodation facility is organized by the Kendra itself.


Regular Follow Ups At Ashram:

Apart from the above mentioned useful courses , the regular follow ups are taken by the trainers of Kendra, So that the followers of these courses may continue to get the benefits of them.




For detailed information about the courses email us at aanandsadhnakendra@gmail.com