In today’s fast world, Aanand Sadhna Kendra (ASK) is committed and dedicated to uplifting social and spiritual aspects of human life. We offer various Yoga & Meditation courses through which one can enjoy the traditional practices of Yoga, Meditation & Rhythms of Breath along with the Knowledge and Music. Anger, frustration and disappointment afflict us almost every day, causing problems in our relationships at home and at work, destroying our peace of mind and even affecting our health. In these sessions, we will take a look at what anger is, why it arises, and learn methods to reduce it.

We at Aanand Sadhana Kendra offer you a wide range of Yoga and Meditation courses at our centre, your door-step, your organisation and at different public places with immense benefits. We aim at making Yoga and Meditation such interesting that it becomes a lifestyle for you. Yoga & Meditation is taught by our experts for reducing stress, boosting creativity, focus and compassion, and improving emotional well-being.

By associating yourself with any of our services , we would like to offer the chance to create positive change in you in order to:

– Remove all negativity and fill up yourself with positive energy

– Re-energise body and mind for routine matters and work pressure

– Increase concentration and memory

– Remove stress, feel free and light from within
– Learn to think of others, not just of oneself
– Handle negative emotions with ease
– Learn to handle peer pressure and smile no matter what
– Develop team work, social interaction and cooperation

– Study tips for greater concentration and best results
– Counselling sessions on relationships

We come up with an online workshop and online classes amid this lockdown situation that can be attended right from the place of your choice. This is is mainly designed to help improve your immunity and overcome health issue.

So, don’t miss this great opportunity to stay fit during this pandemic. Your well-being mean a lot to us.