Yoga Teacher Training


Teacher Training Course

These  YTT courses that we offer have all the tools for aspiring Yoga Teachers to develop a solid foundation to be able to find unique Yogic self-expression. This experience can be a milestone in the journey of Yoga seekers to explore the age-old tradition, its practices, principles and concepts.  It will help intensify and master Yoga Asanas with their subtle understanding and effects on mind & body.

-Daily Pranayama and Meditation practice along with Mantra chanting will help nurture inner strength with peaceful balancing properties.

-Through TTC, We at Aanand Sadhna Kendra aim at creating a taste of yogic discipline, diet and meditations.

Our detailed and time-honed syllabus assures quality results for our students..All this is designed to deepen the understanding of yoga and become a confident and competent Yoga instructor cum practitioner.

Course Duration Type of Course
200 hours Beginner to Intermediate
300 hours Intermediate
500 hours Advanced

Yoga teacher training allows you to explore yoga from all angles which increase your awareness. Increased awareness allows you to see the negative and positive aspects of certain behaviors, aspects in your life and relationships and this allows you to change. Heightened awareness leads to personal growth also.