Home Sessions


Home sessions

Yoga is all about oneself. Since all individual are different, the intensity of yoga practice for each individual also varies. We let you interact with our personal trainers to know your body type, the level of fitness and the medical conditions.

Keeping all in mind the trainers prepare a well designed Yoga schedule and monitor the growth and well being of the client on a daily basis. Our Personal trainers provide a guided Yoga session with Pranayam to make your more happier, healthier and calmer.

We try our best to benefit you with providing home sessions in the context:

  • Fight the stress of getting to yoga class on time
  • Liberation
  • The space is yours
  • You have the time to play and advance your practice
  • A home practice builds discipline
  • It’s Economical
  • Self-discovery and empowerment

Course Duration: One Month (Renewable)

Time duration of the session: 1 hour